Allsoft develops all kinds of devices / Products for all kinds of people.

 Company History - Experience
 Service Industry - Winserv - Service Program for the PABX Industry
 Experience in the telephone industry for many years (1985-2019).
 Winserv is a Service / Helpdesk Program dedicated to the PABX industry to achieve better service to the client & managing service to the client.
 Send SMS's from your service program to client's or Technicians.
 Winserv imports your Pastel Age Analysis to keep your service department up to date with outstanding accounts.
 Music on Hold
 Music On Hold Interface - Provides a 4 Minute (or more) Music On Hold on PABX (recordable on-site)
 Other Software / Hardware products
 Universal programmable timer - 1024 timers, holliday excludes. Ideal for school clock control, shift sirens.
 Scientific - Bruvin Instrumental
 Sodium analyzer - Monitors sodium content in clear water
 Fluoride analyzer - Monitors fluoride content in clear water
 Multi Parameter Controller - Monitors multiple inputs with printer / alarm etc.
 DataCap - Monitors two serial ports (from different analyzers) and captures data on PC is CSV file for analysis
 Access Control
 Access Control using Dallas iButton
 Home Automation - In progress
 Programmable Lights control - control lights / on-off via keypad or SMS
 Universal Monitor - Monitors Power, Alarm, Temperature etc - Notify you via sms
 Pool Monitor - Monitors water level and pump on/off times - Notify / Control via sms
 Other Software products
 Sms Desktop - Send sms from you company intranet (Uses Modem - Not the Internet)
 Mail Notification - Send sms to you if new mail arrived in your mailbox.
 Other Hardware Products
 Call Monitor - Monitors calls on PABX - sends sms if unauthorized calls made
 Comm's converter - Monitors 1 to many serial ports and output data in the same or modified format (Multiple Baud Rates)
 220V Inverters
 Lambda Air/Fuel Monitor
 Backup Source - Freeware - Utility to backup source files (Zip) Download  (Could not connect