Online Service Desk

After many requests for the old Winserv program i have decided to give it to you online. Currrently i am busy with adding features, this should grow very quickly and you will soon have all the features you had previously in the Winserv and more.

Costs involved:
At this stage you can use the system for as little as R250.00 per month. There will be no limits unless of course i have to buy more space or when the trafic becomes more, i will then have to adjust the price.

Why use this system:
I have worked in the service industry for many years, the Winserv package was developed in Delphi which became outdated and due to unforseen circumstances the source code was lost. Currently this web is hosted by axxess and the cost is low, this was absolutely created to help everyone. The prices i have seen for the service packages available are crazy - charge per single login and that in $USD.

The current system is pretty secure and your profile gets linked to a organization database. Not anyone can access the database directly. Hacking is in the pipeline, so if your password attempts are more than the preset, you login will be disabled. Part of my planning list - it would be a good idea to have two-point authentication in the near future. All passwords are saved in an encrypted format - not even me that has access to the raw database can see it. All reports and info is only available to the user that logs in and only the reports that is available to that profile settings. I cannot generate reports for anyone, it must be part of your profile and be secured. All emails will be generated in a fasion of one to one, there will be no cc or bcc emails where info can be shared. (Part of the POPI act).

Importing Data:
Currently i have no import features, this will be added in due course, but this will only be to import clients from a template provided. It will also be a good thing if we can import age analysis of your acounting package.

Hope this gives you a better understanding where we are heading to. Please feel free to contact me at (Frans Herbst)

Service is a way of life ... Not an afterthought

How to get Started

You register online and i will give you access to the service desk, The first month you have free access.
You will be required to send me your logo and that will be used as a customization for you profile.

  • You can configure your system to your custom requirements.
  • Sms facilities are build into the system - all you have to do is register with WinSms with the link provided and you and your customers will receive updates accordingly.
  • You can add as many clients as you want.
  • You can add as manu users as you want
  • You can add as many systems as you want.
  • Customer emails can be configured for your clients and they will also have access to their faults and calls logged (If enabled)
  • Customization

    Custmization will be provided and your feedback will help us grow this package to be something you can use as a tool. I am fully aware of the popi act and your data will be secure. The system will automaticly take care of expiry dates, warning will be built in to notify you and your clients. Once you setup your sms - this will be available and is fully configurable.

    Service Desk Main Screen Example