Onboard Diagnostics -- OBD or OBDII

We are currently in the process of developing a system, where you can have your OBD in your vehicle. You will have a 4 Line lcd display - showing all the features received with a keypad. The keypad, will give you more details on many features, not all features are changable, and the information received is part of (ODB or OOBDII or OBD2), we will save engine hours on the sideline. Alse planned on the sideline is gps info, but this would only be start location and switch off location - ideal for jour log book. We are not doing Tracking.

Costs involved:
At this stage we are in a planning stage, there will be a couple of versions avaliable. The Non Grahics versions will obviously be cheaper. One thing to understand that normal LCD display's cannot be used in a car due to the heat.

Hope this gives you a better understanding where we are heading to. Please feel free to contact me at Frans@allsoft.co.za (Frans Herbst)

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